Tourist Zone

Myszkowski district lies in the southern part of the Polish, in the north-eastern province of Silesia, in the heart of picturesque land of geographical, called the Jura. It is a friendly place, both for residents and for guests visiting them. Attractive tourist municipalities and the county Myszkowski its neighboring areas invite lovers of nature, beautiful scenery and history in both summer and winter.

From spring to autumn you can in the municipalities and the county Myszkowski near some practice active tourism. Active tourism is primarily mountaineering, hiking, riding, cycling and water: canoeing and sailing. County Myszkowski has a lot to offer, ranging from well-equipped tourist accommodation and accommodation facilities, qualified instructors on the excellent natural and climatic conditions.

Mountain lovers can count on stunning views of the Jurassic landscapes, or play popular rock climbing here. Cyclists have at their disposal one of the longest bicycle routes in Poland, running among beautiful landscapes, complexes of rock and caves, near the historic fourteenth - century fortress defense Nests Trail.

Especially popular among lovers of water tourism is a lagoon in Poraj. This large water reservoir offers excellent conditions for sailing and canoeing.

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