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To help you start a business, we suggest using available on our Investor Virtual Guide. Guide shows you step by step what to do, where to find the relevant forms and addresses of institutions.

Formal and - legal aspects of starting a business.
Entrepreneurs running their own behalf business or professional activity are: natural persons, legal persons and organizational units are not legal persons, which separate laws confer legal capacity. For entrepreneurs should also be considered partners in civil scope of their activities.

All entrepreneurs are registered in the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity, or to the register of the National Court Register (KRS). Terms of take up and pursue economic activities by individuals in the Republic of Polish governed by the provisions of the Act of 2 July 2004. On freedom of economic activity.

According to this Act, foreign persons from the Member States of the European Union can undertake and conduct economic activity on the same principles as Polish entrepreneurs.

Starting a business in Poland is connected with making the following formal and legal:

submission of an application for registration in the National Court Register or Register of Business Entities

submission of an application for assigning statistical identification code,
opening a bank account,
to request a tax identification number (NIP)
Registration with the Social Security,
notice other institutions depending on the legislation,
to obtain a license or permit to conduct business, if required.
The next stages in the process of starting a company:

Entry into the business register,
Registration of the National Court Register,
Giving identification number code,
Opening a bank account,
Giving tax identification number,
Company registration in the Department of Social Security
Obtaining a license or permit
Others - PIP SANEPID, Fire brigade etc.,

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